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Sneak Peek: 2nd Annual Wanderlust Group Show @ Modern Eden Gallery

On Saturday night, Modern Eden Gallery will present their 2nd annual "Wanderlust" group show. Participating artists were given identical postcards and asked to interpret their take on "wanderlust". There will be variation galore, as this theme has inspired artists each in very unique ways. For many, wanderlust flows through their veins and roams through the depths of their imagination. It triggers a carefree curiosity to travel aimlessly, whether it be outside of one's comfort zone or into worlds created only through a vast imagination. This show will most definitely awaken the inner wanderer in all. With the help of an amazing roster of artists, "Wanderlust" captures the desire for adventure, steering the mind, body, and soul into the thrill of spontaneous travel. Artists featured include Adam Ziskie, Alec Huxley, Allen Williams, Amandalynn, Amy Guidry, Amy Mastrine, Amy Minchew, Ania Tomicka, Archer Dougherty, Bec Winnel, Bradley Platz, Brynn Elizabeth, Carolyn Weber, Christina Mrozik, Christopher Burch, Colleen Quen, Cory Benhatzel, Craig LaRotonda, Daniel J Valadez, Debra K Burger, Elizabeth Vuong, Erica Calardo, Hana Mulyati, Helice Wen, Henry Schreiber, Jaclyn Alderete, Jel Ena, Jeremy Haney, Joemur, Jon Weiss, Joshua Coffy, Kieran Collins, Kim Gordon, Kristen Ferrell, Lacey Bryant, Layil Umbralux, Leon Loucheur, Lucy Yu, Lyrica Glory, Mab Graves, Mandy Tsung, Marie-Eve Proteau, Maryanna Hoggatt, Megan Buccere, Melanie Alves, Michael Cuffe, Nichol Markowitz, Redd Walitzki, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Sergio Lopez, Simona Candini, Stephanie Law, Steve Javiel, and Zoe Keller.

"Wanderlust" will be on view through January 3rd, 2015. Make sure to view this wondrous collection of artwork in person, but until then, enjoy a few preview images via the gallery.

Saturday, December 13th Modern Eden Gallery 801 Greenwich Street San Francisco, CA 94133 www.moderneden.com

Archer Dougherty 'Risk It' Archer Dougherty

Christina Mrozik 'Hare Skeleton' Christina Mrozik

Wishes by Megan Buccere Megan Buccere

Alec Huxley 'Interval II' Alec Huxley

Traces by Brynn Elizabeth Brynn Elizabeth

Birds of a Feather by Elizabeth MD Vuong Elizabeth Vuong

Greetings from Los Angeles by Ronnie Ray Mendez Ronnie Ray Mendez

Kevin Peterson "Remnants" @ Thinkspace Gallery

Sneak Peek: Lola "The Younger" @ 80Forty Gallery