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Opening Night: "Winter Blues" Group Exhibit @ Stay Gallery

Saturday night marked the opening for the "Winter Blues" group exhibit at Stay Gallery, Downtown Downey's most recent happening creative space bringing together the likes of up-and-coming local artists. A crowd of art supporters overflowed onto the sidewalk as the gallery opened its doors for yet another captivating show. "Winter Blues" encouraged artists to use their diverse styles to represent the gloomy feel of the theme. Whether they played with hues of blue, depicted a connection with the cold season, or hinted at the meaning behind the winter blues, this group of artists cohesively revealed a part of their being through their art. LA-based artist Damaris Pacheco, intrigued viewers with uncanny self portraits touching on moments of serene contemplation. Her quiet presence balances out beautifully with her rich melancholic color palette and elaborate details. Artist Daisy Mallari featured work that captures heartwarming moments of human interaction. Raw emotion brings to life her subjects, appearing as though caught at the exact moment desired to be forever remembered. Other artists featured include Jon Abrencia, Nadia Arkharova, Jarrett Camp, Suzette Holdsworth, Hugo Martinez, Brianna Rodriguez, DK Sangalang, TG Sangalang, Mark Santiago, Samantha Rodriguez, Samantha Nunez, and Alice Tabin.

Exhibition coordinator and participating artist, Daisy Mallari, aimed to present a collection infused with emotion and variation. "There is so much feeling and depth in our pieces. Many times you can see the personality of the artist within the style. If someone were to just look at these pieces superficially, they could miss a really good story", Mallari expressed. "Winter Blues" thrives on the personal touches that each artist gave to their work. The exhibition will run through February 4th. Make sure to view these works in person if you get the chance. Take a look at a few opening night pictures below.

Stay Gallery 11140 Downey Ave Downey, CA 90241 www.stay-gallery.com










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