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Sneak Peek: "Four" group exhibit @ Corey Helford Gallery

Though Corey Helford Gallery's upcoming group show, "Four", features 4 distinct artists working with wildly diverse concepts and styles, a common theme arises among the finished paintings: unique depictions of environment. For example, Andrew Brandou’s series reveals a new dimension of the spiritual world, grounded by an ethereal, tattooed, buddha-like giant, and his everyman bunny apprentice. In her Los Angeles debut, Redd Walitzki explores the vast plain of female subconscious with her figurative, dreamlike landscapes, signifying the ticking time bomb of natural resource depletion. Surrealist Richard J. Oliver creates an envelope of beauty and joy with his dark fairytale narratives. Street art instigators, The London Police bring out the “Lads” and stir things up with graphic fun in space-like surroundings. TLP’s new paintings for the exhibit incorporate color along with their traditional black and white ink. Take a peek of a few preview images below courtesy of the gallery. If in Los Angeles, be sure to visit Corey Helford to view these works in person.

Saturday, February 14th 7-10pm Corey Helford Gallery 8530-A Washington Blvd, Culver City 90232 www.coreyhelfordgallery.com

Andrew Brandou Robinson Andrew Brandou

Redd Walitzki Nothing Gold Can Stay Redd Walitzki

Richard J Oliver Descente Richard J Oliver

The London Police All is Full of Bork The London Police

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