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On View: "Brink III" group exhibit @ Antler Gallery

Art and conservation collide at Antler Gallery with "Brink III", a group exhibit benefitting the Audubon Society of Portland with 20% of sales donated to the nobel organization. "Brink III" features seventeen artists whose inherent aesthetic depicts the beauty of our natural environments. From the realistic rendering of Jen Lobo's majestic rhino to Jon MacNair's fanciful illustration of the Zebra Duiker, the show shines a spotlight on our endangered wildlife. If you're in Portland's Art District, be sure to visit the gallery to view the gorgeous work in person and soak up nature's splendor. Participating artists include Lindsey Carr, Chie Yoshii, Kevin Earl Taylor, Brin Levinson, Jennifer Parks, Keith Carter, Jillian Dickson, Vanessa Foley, Susannah Kelly, Jon MacNair, Erich J. Moffitt, Caitlin McCormack, Jen Lobo, Neil M. Perry, Heidi Elise Wirz, Rachel Sabin, and Morgaine Faye.

Show runs through February 25th at Antler Gallery.

brink 1

brink 3

brink 4

brink 5

brink 6

brink 7

brink 8

brink 9

brink 10

brink 11

brink 12

brink 13

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