Welcome to the latest art to emerge from the contemporary visionaries as seen through the eyes of Platinum Cheese. 

Sneak Peek: Stephanie Buer "Unknown Ways" @ Lyons Wier Gallery

Portland based artist Stephanie Buer has an intimate appreciation of urban desolation and a love for the once prosperous buildings that have been abandoned to time and the elements. Her works in both oil and charcoal capture with photo-like detail the layers of gritty history that accumulate as these places succumb to the manipulation of vandals, artists, and the steady persistence of nature. In the juxtaposition between decay and growth, Stephanie finds a place that echoes the peace she finds in nature, with its endless cycles of change. Opening this Thursday, "Unknown Ways" marks the artist's solo debut with Lyons Wier Gallery. Be sure to visit the gallery to experience the works in person, but until then, enjoy a few preview images below.

Thursday, March 19th 6-8pm Lyons Wier Gallery 542 West 24th Street New York, NY 10011 www.lyonswiergallery.com







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