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Sneak Peek: Alexandra Levasseur "Body of Land" @ Mirus Gallery

On March 21st, Mirus Gallery will present "Body of Land", an exhibition of new paintings plus correlating animated films by Canadian based artist Alexandra Levasseur. Levasseur's work portrays tormented female characters amidst landscapes that seem to be coming out of a dream. She explores themes of love, fear, anguish and unrequited desire. "My current work, entitled Body of Land, presents female figures that melt into their environment; the woman is a heroine, protector of nature.", states Levasseur. "The use of different textures merging with one another is a reminder that living things and their environment are made up of the same chemical elements. With this series, my goal is the same: to illustrate the ideal relationship between humans and nature, as if it was a whole." Saturday, March 21st 6-10pm Mirus Gallery 540 Howard Street, Third Floor San Francisco, CA 94105 www.mirusgallery.com






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