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Opening Night: "Dreamlands" @ Corey Helford Gallery

Last weekend at Corey Helford Gallery, was the gallery's opening night for the group show “Dreamlands”, which the gallery describes as “…an exhibition inspired by the landscapes of dreams”. Curated by Sweet Streets founder and Hi-Fructose Magazine contributor, Caro, the show gathers dream worlds and nightmares from 35 contemporary artists from around the world, all with their charismatically unique styles. Each painting taking the viewer on a colorful and vibrant ride across the dreamscapes they have created. Opening night was a packed house almost until 30 minutes past closing time. With artists Andrew Brandou, Natalia Fabia, Mab Graves, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, So Youn Lee, and Lola Gil making a welcomed appearance for opening night. The mixture of styles, characters, and worlds compliment each other as a balance between fantasy and horror blend together different perspectives alternating through reality. Some of my favorite standouts were the casual gaze and tattoos of Revirie by Teiji Hayama, the sparkly pastel twinkles in Dreamchild’s eyes by Hikari Shimoda and the witch moon saint in Between Worlds by Tom Bagshaw. Each artists taking very different approaches to their creation of dreamscapes, but still connecting the human experience within each fantasy. With most of the depictions containing women, sprinkled with a few men and beast throughout, one would think the majority of artists, and Curator, Caro, believe that women hold a dominate place within the dream world. With that said the women take on different states of containment, confusion, and despair, while others seem effortlessly comfortable floating through the illusion.

The other amazing artists featured include Amy Sol, Aron Wiesenfeld, Atsuko Goto, Caitlin Hurd, Carol Liu, Ciou, Hannah Yata, Herakut, Jessicka Addams, Joanne Nam, Kazuhiro Hori, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kazuki Umezawa, Krista Huot, Lola, Lori Nelson, Lu Cong, Mab Graves, Michael Page, Naoto Hattori, Natalie Shau, Nouar, Rebecca Leveille Guay, Sonya Fu, So Youn Lee, Simone Legno, Tara McPherson, Yoh Nagao, Yoko d’Holbachie, Yosuke Ueno, and Yumiko Kayukawa.

The show will run through Saturday April 11. If you don’t go see this show you will be missing out on a whole galleries worth of amazing work. So take a drive, bike, or hike over to the Westside and take a ride through “Dreamland”.

Written and Images by Jaklin Romine












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