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On View: David Bray "Wrong Turn" @ Stolen Space Gallery

There's a warped sense of humor and tone of voice evident throughout David Bray's work. Using basic drawing tools, such as pens, pencils and paper, Bray creates delicate and time-consuming drawings which explore emotion, utopia and a world of fantasy through his subject matter mainly focusing on the beautiful and the un-attainable female form. The drawings for his new body of work "Wrong Turn" currently on view at Stolen Space Gallery, are heavily influenced by hand poked naive tattoos inspired by Eric Gill, James Ensor, Eric Stanton, Bart Simpson, and ancient Greece. "Having spent a few weeks last year getting lost in America on a trip with musician Georg Lubitzer. We encountered a character called Yossarian who gave me a list of names, subjects and even specific compositions that I should use in my work.", states Bray explaining the reasoning behind this random selection. "To stay faithful to this would open up channels to a world of magical thinking, he promised, who am I to turn down such a promise?"

David Bray's solo exhibition, "Wrong Turn", is on view at Stolen Space Gallery through April 12th. When in London be sure to check out the works in person, until then enjoy a few photos from the show below.









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