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Sneak Peek: Souther Salazar "Attic Transmissions" @ Narwhal Contemporary

The whimsical dreamscapes of Souther Salazar are a favorite of ours here on Platinum Cheese. His intricate works are brimming with enchanting characters existing within colorful, abstract worlds thereby capturing the viewer's imagination. This Saturday, Salazar continues his exploration of fanciful places as he unveils a new body of work entitled "Attic Transmissions" at Narwhal Contemporary. "The work for this show came to me in fragments, written and doodled while living in Scrapper’s Attic.", says Salazar. "In the beginning I made piles of small drawings and notes. Each day I’d add a little more, or chop some of them up, creating patterns and possibilities for the future. Eventually, these particles of drawings grew and connected into larger systems, intuitively finding their way together and collectively becoming the final art piece. These are the attic transmissions."

Saturday, March 28th 2-6pm Narwhal Contemporary 2104 Dundas Street West Toronto, Ontario M6R 1W9 www.narwhalcontemporary.com






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