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On View: Kristen Hatgi Sink "A Tented Sky" @ Gildar Gallery

Currently at Gildar Gallery is Kristen Hatgi Sink's "A Tented Sky". This latest series of photographs embarks on portrayals of femininity and nature caught within the vicious cycle of desire. Hatgi Sink's fragile subjects deteriorate among an abundance of natural elements. The uneasy depictions capture a glimmering light of youth and beauty struggling to remain alive. Referencing a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay, "A Tented Sky" exposes the result of being consumed by excessive indulgence and slowly succumbing to its defeat. Reminiscent of still life paintings, Hatgi Sink's photographs camouflage metaphors for feminine sexuality within objects of nature. Ripe fruit, blooming flowers, and dripping honey represent the vulnerability of these young women through the inescapable male gaze. Many of these young women, naive in appearance, are depicted at the midst of defeat, as though battling an inner awakening.

"A Tented Sky" is bizarrely beautiful and a must-see. Although the show is on view until April 2nd, Kristen Hatgi Sink is an artist to keep your eyes peeled for. Take a look at a few of the artist's incredible works courtesy of the gallery.

KHAT0004 KHAT0005 KHAT0007 KHAT0012 KHAT0011

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