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Sneak Peek: Amanda Manitach "Whiskey Helps" @ Roq La Rue Gallery

Tonight Roq La Rue Gallery introduces Seattle artist Amanda Manitach for her solo exhibition of infamous t-shirt girls, "Whiskey Helps". Driven by the premise that feminine empowerment, sexuality, and self-expression evolve through history, Manitach's t-shirt girls examine the nuances and conflicts of being female in the 21st Century. Her protagonists take the place of the 19th Century "hysterical" figure to present a tongue-in-cheek commentary on everything from the Freudian cliche of "penis envy" to waxing, to Beyonce; all while seductively posing her figures in tight shirts, no pants, and inscriptions brazenly written across the breast. Take a peek at a few preview images below courtesy of the gallery and be sure to visit Roq La Rue to experience these works in person.

Thursday, April 2nd 6-9pm Roq La Rue Gallery 532 1st Ave S. (near King St.) Seattle, WA 98104 www.roqlarue.com






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