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On View: Mike Davis "A Blind Man's Journey Continues" @ Copro Gallery

As though looking through the eyes of Dali or Bosch, Mike Davis masterfully renders worlds inhabited by surreal imagery. For his first solo show with Copro Gallery, Davis' new body of work, "A Blind Man's Journey Continues", combines a traditional Flemish Primitive painterly style with contemporary narratives. Within his paintings are symbols of mortality, foolishness, and pride. His raw depictions act as social commentary to an uncensored world. Davis' work touches on the ability to unravel personal symbols that trigger us to resonate with dreamlike representations. Mike Davis' "A Blind Man's Journey Continues" runs through April 11th, so don't miss out on viewing these works in person. And just to intrigue you even more, take a look at a few images from the show courtesy of the gallery.

mikedavis_copro1 mikedavis_copro2 mikedavis_copro3 mikedavis_copro4

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