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Sneak Peek: Shawn Huckins "The American_Tier" @ Goodwin Fine Art

On April 17th, Denver based artist Shawn Huckins will unveil 15 new paintings at Goodwin Fine Art unified under the banner "The American_tier". Huckins latest series explores 19th century American painting and photography in context of 21st century lexicons - Facebook status updates, tweets, texting acronyms - that permeate today’s popular culture. The process is a methodical replication of the original work, each painted by hand followed by the superimposition of large white letters (also painted) of social media jargon. If you're in Denver during the months of April and May, make a point to experience these works in person. But until then, take a peek of a few preview pics below courtesy of the artist.

Friday, April 17th 5-8pm Goodwin Fine Art 1255 Delaware Street Denver, Colorado 80204 www.goodwinfineart.com









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