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Openings: REVOK "Los Angeles" @ MAMA Gallery

Currently on view at MAMA Gallery, in the Artist District downtown, is a pop-up project with Library Street Collective that presents REVOK in his first solo show in Los Angeles. REVOK, originally from Los Angles, has been working with Detroit based contemporary art gallery, Library Street Collective, to bring his new work and ideas of abstraction to a new audience. The new body of work features over a dozen hand-painted wood assemblage of “…enthralling geometric forms in vibrant oil enamel and synthetic polymer. The work is a culmination of REVOK’S new ideas that spawned since moving back to Los Angeles in 2013 after a two-year creative hiatus in Detroit”. “During his inspiring and productive time in the city, REVOK gained influence from found materials in the physical environment that led to a series of assemblages constructed from artifacts scavenged throughout the city. These works are the focal point of his published book, “REVOK: Made in Detroit” (Gingko Press, 2014) and led to sold-out exhibitions in Detroit, Hamburg, New York and Dubai”

Revok, born Jason Williams, creates a break from his roots in graffiti and forms new inspiration through form and shape. Still using his writers I.D. as the name for the show keeps the audience connected with his past pioneering in graffiti, but the work stand as its own new expression. Each piece embodies a ridged grid that flows within itself and back out again, forming interconnections and reconnections. The abstraction ranging from simple geometric formations to complex 8-bit reconfigurations of color, form, and shape. All of which are bursting with vibrant colors that draw the viewer in to explore the finer details that lay with in each piece. From far way each piece looks perfect almost on the verge of “computer generated” construction, but the artist hand is visible through flaws and imperfections that only a human can make. Creating different levels of perception and understanding the closer the viewer comes in contact with each piece.

The show will be on view at 1242 Palmetto Street in downtown Los Angeles, until the end of April.

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