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Sneak Peek: Lauren Marx "American Wilderness" @ Roq La Rue

This Thursday will mark the debut of St. Louis artist Lauren Marx to Roq La Rue as she unveils a new collection of work entitled "American Wilderness". As noted by the gallery, "Marx’s intricately drawn detailed portrayal of flora and fauna are reminiscent of old scientific anatomical or botanical text illustrations. For her, they are a kind of creation myth, where the animals form nebulae, birds are the stars, and insects are the dust which come together in a swirling Baroque metaphor of our phenomenal universe. Wavering the line between grotesque and sublime, her flayed and fecund imagery is lush with a blooming, flowering presence in the place of death and decay; forming intensely beautiful compositions that remind us of the fleeting, flowing nature of all life in the cosmos." Take a peek below of the preview images courtesy of Roq La Rue and be sure to visit the gallery when in Seattle to experience the artwork in person.

Thursday, May 7th 6-9pm Roq La Rue Gallery 532 1st Ave S. (near King St.) Seattle, WA 98104 www.roqlarue.com

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